HOLDING HOPE: a telephone seminar for partners, parents, and friends of people struggling with compulsive sexual behavior

Holding HopeThis February I am offering a four-part telephone seminar for spouses, friends, and parents of people struggling with compulsive sexual behaviors. I keep hearing that more help is needed, not just for sex addicts, but also for the people who love them — the wives, children, parents, and friends in addicts’ lives who are hurt, angry, anxious, and struggling to know how to help. Sexual compulsivity undermines marriages and families like no other addiction, and tragically, most spouses and family members suffer alone. Sex addiction carries its own unique and powerful shame, and many people don’t know where to turn for help and support.

Some specifics about the teleseminar:

Dates: Wednesdays in February (the 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th)

Times: Wednesdays, 2pm Pacific /4pm Central / 5pm Eastern (calls last for one hour)

Cost: $139

Leader: Mark Brouwer, with Debbie Laaser, and several guests who’ll share their stories. Click here for Mark’s biography, and here for Deb’s biography, and here for information about Deb’s recently published book for wives.

What you will recieve:

  1. Four live calls … each including: (1) teaching about sexual compulsion and recovery — what loved ones need and need to know (2) an interview with a “special guest” for the call (wives or parents of sex addicts who have walked the path of recovery) (3) time for Q and A
  2. Notes sent out in advance for each call, to facilitate listening and learning, with suggestions for further resources to explore.
  3. Access to recordings of the calls, in case you have to miss a live call, or want to listen again
  4. Daily recovery-oriented devotions emailed to you during the 30 days of the course
  5. The chance to get support from others in similar circumstances if you’d like, but also the option to stay completely anonymous to the group. In fact, if you’re not able to arrange for privacy during weekly teleconferences, you can still participate in the calls without having to talk out loud about potentially embarassing topics.

What you will learn … the content of the seminar sessions:

Session one (February 6) — Where is the line that separates compulsive sexual behavior from a “healthy sex drive”? What are the signs to look for to see if someone is sexually addicted, and how to discern if they are “recovering” or not?

Session two (February 13) — Interview with Debbie Laaser. What wives need to know about sexual compulsion, and what wives need to do to care for themselves in the aftermath of sexual betrayal.

Session three (February 20) — The roots of sexual compulsion, and what addicts need to do to recover. This session will show you the roadmap for recovery, and help you assess what is happening with your loved ones’ recovery process. We’ll pay special attention to problems of dishonesty and trust-building.

Session four (February 27) — This session has two parts. First, what parents can do to protect their kids from sexual danger, and how to help kids already struggling with compulsive sexual behavior. The second part will focus on what we need to do for ourselves — as spouses, family members, and friends of addicts — to find comfort, safety, and support in the midst of our pain. In other words, how can we help those we love without losing our own emotional health in the process?

If you have further questions, call (952-746-3885) or email Mark.

3 thoughts on “HOLDING HOPE: a telephone seminar for partners, parents, and friends of people struggling with compulsive sexual behavior”

  1. Will you be conducting this seminar again? I am very interested in any info that I can obtain as my son is struggling with this problem. Please email me with any info that you think could be helpful. I would love to attend a seminar etc. if it is available. Thanks, Kathy

  2. At this point, I don’t have the seminar scheduled again. I will see if there is more interest. Thanks Kathy!

    – Mark

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