Finishing a great week of teaching

We just finished a great week with a group of students at the University of Nations in Kona, Hawaii. The weather was not great for beach-going and sun tans, but we have been having a great time. I taught for a week on Healthy Sexuality as part of the Introduction to Biblical Counseling course.

In the picture, my wife Charlene and I are being prayed for by a group of students after the class ended (thanks Joo for sending me this!). This is the fourth time I’ve taught here at the U of N (twice for their addiction school, twice for their counseling school). I’m always impressed by the openness of the students, and really enjoy meeting so many people from other cultures.

The students come from all parts of the world, and only a small minority are from the U.S. It’s a reminder to me that the challenge of living with sexual sanity is not by any means a problem unique to the West.

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