Announcing FREE Ebook – Reclaiming Sexual Sanity

I’m very excited to announce the release of my new ebook … Reclaiming Sexual Sanity. The book comes out today, and I’ve put it together as a way to spread the message about recovery from sexual struggles.
I am making this book available for FREE … I want people to have it so they can get access to good teaching about recovery.

This book is the culmination of 15 years of work as a senior pastor with individuals and couples struggling with this issue, nine years of personal recovery work around this issue in my own life, and four years of full-time workshop leading and recovery coaching around this topic. In these past four years I have personally worked with over 500 men in recovery coaching groups, and co-facilitated workshops with hundreds more. At any given time, I am working with 40 to 50 men in a variety of groups. Needless to say these experiences have taught me some things about sex addiction and recovery. I still have much to learn, but I thought it might be helpful to distill my learning and experience thus far into a concise overview of an important and complicated topic.

The book is an expansion of a free report that I’ve been offering. I have material about what sex addiction is (as in the earlier report), but then I’ve added a section about how we recover – using the “back to the future” model of recovery – and another section dealing with some of the spiritual issues that arise for people in recovery.

The book is not long … in fact I’m not sure if I should call it a book or a mini-book. It’s 70 pages in an easy-read format with some pictures and side-bar boxes sprinkled throughout. I am using a free online book and magazine reader service to give readers a better experience reading the book on their computer. I think you’ll like the layout! I will also make the book available in a more “printer friendly” pdf format (that runs about 40 pages).

My request to you:

If you think this book is a good resource, I have a request: please tell some people about it. My hope is that everyone who reads the book will forward it to several friends (you can use the link below). If you’re in a support group, send the link on to the others in your group. If you have family or friends that you want to have as better-informed support people for you, send this book to them. If you attend a church, send it to your pastor. If you are on a church staff, please share it with key leaders and other staff.

My only request is that people who get the book sign up for my email newsletter (in fact, that’s how they get the book … by signing up for my list), and then forward it on to several other people. If you are on my mailing list as of 10/13/2010, you’ll get the book sent to you via email. Otherwise, you – and your friends – can access it by going to the link below:

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