How to build intimacy in your marriage

FREE Teleseminar – Thursday, July 21

Helping couples build emotional and spiritual intimacy is a big part of what we do in our recovery work. Recently, Charlene has been working to finish her Master’s in Counseling and Psychotherapy (only her master’s thesis is left!). Part of this has involved working with many couples in her internship practice.

Her experience confirms what we both sensed while we were working in the church world: MANY couples struggle to build intimacy. It’s not just marriages that are messed up with sex addiction … it’s almost everybody.

My wife Charlene and I will be conducting a teleseminar this Thursday, which we do every month for people in the Recovery Journey Program, and we’re opening it up to all the readers of this blog. We’re going to be talking about the challenge of building marital intimacy, and what we have learned about how to do it. We will be talking about the FANOS conversation model (created by Mark and Deb Laaser), and what we have learned after working with it in our own marriage for almost seven years, and sharing it with hundreds of people.

In today’s culture, we tend to think about “intimacy” in terms of our physical / sexual relationship. In this teleseminar, we want to focus on how emotional and spiritual intimacy can build our sexual relationship. For many reasons, this is important and challenging for couples who are dealing with the aftermath of sexual brokenness. Infidelity, pornography use, and other sexual struggles disrupt a couples’ sexual relationship, and (obviously) disrupt intimacy on many levels. We also find that the process of recovery often reveals an ongoing lack of emotional connection that was a chronic issue even before the sexual behaviors were revealed. How can couples rectify this? That’s what we’ll be talking about.

When: Thursday, July 21

Time: 7:00pm central time

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