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My name is Mark Brouwer, and I’m the editor of sexualsanity.com. This blog is devoted to applying recovery wisdom to sexual struggles. Sex is a powerful part of life. It can bring pleasure and build intimacy; but out of control, it can also bring pain and destroy relationships. Sexualsanity.com is devoted to helping you deal with this important – and sometimes challenging – part of life.

Whether you are sexually addicted, or simply battling ongoing sexual temptation, I believe that recovery wisdom holds the key to freedom. We don’t get better by simply trying harder to control destructive behavior … we get better by becoming different people who don’t need the destructive behavior in order to feel okay.

Sexualsanity.com is not just for sexual strugglers: it is also for the spouses, partners, and parents of strugglers. Reading about these issues will help you understand the person you care about, learn how to help them, and draw strength for yourself in the process.

So who am I, and why should you care what I have to say about recovery?

I am a counselor, writer, and speaker in the field of sex addiction and recovery. Having served for 15 years as a pastor and started two churches, I understand the spiritual issues involved with recovery, especially when it involves sex. Facing any kind of addictive or compulsive behavior presents a challenge to peoples’ faith. I should know, because I went through that struggle myself.

Since early 2006, I have worked with Mark Laaser at Faithful and True Ministries, coordinating and presenting at workshops and training seminars. I developed and coordinated a followup (or “aftercare”) program for people who attended our workshops. I have used that experience, and the materials I created for it, to create a new program for sexual strugglers and their spouses called “The Recovery Journey.”

Right now my primary role is to direct the Recovery Journey program. My time is split in four areas: (1) I speak to church and community groups around the country about sexuality, addiction, and recovery. (2) I write for this blog – as well as materials for The Recovery Journey and other blogs and magazines – about these topics. (3) I do counseling and recovery coaching, in face to face settings and over the phone. (4) I lead coaching groups for pastors, about both personal and professional development.

Since 2006 I have personally worked with over 400 sexual strugglers, helping them in their journey towards recovery. In my own life, and the life of people I work with, I am seeing amazing changes. I would love to help you in whatever way I can. (Click here for the more official biography.)

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  1. Hello Mark!
    I have been a follower of your for a few years & have found your articles/podcasts to be very helpful.

    I am currently in a relationship with a man that is struggling with porn addiction. He’s recently faltered & says he’s even more committed than before to change. I’m seeing that his lying is about as big an issue as the porn addiction- obviously these two go hand-in-hand.

    I am inquiring about how much you charge for one-on-one, over the phone counseling & couples counseling over the phone. We live in Philadelphia, PA. We have worked for a whole with a few different, Christian bases life coaches, but we need someone that specializes in sexual addiction.

    I am honestly at my end- if there is any way you & I could speak, even for a few minutes, I would appreciate it more than I can express. I’ve been really struggling with his last incident, I’m not sure if I can stay in my relationship any longer. I’ve always payed, I’ve always been here to help him, support him & love him, but I’m really at the end & don’t know if I can continue trying any longer.

    Thank you Mark, for any help you can give. I congratulate you for what you are doing- you are an honorable man of God.


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