You are about to find out why many
Christians are struggling
MORE - not less -
with sexual addiction
(and what to do about it)

Dear Friend,

As I have moved from serving as a senior pastor in two churches to working full time teaching and counseling people in recovery, I've encountered a sobering reality:

Many people who come for help with sexual struggles are not only NOT getting help from their church, their experience of addiction creates heightened spiritual confusion.

Not many people are talking about this. Frankly, I think that's because it's scary. We like to think that, because we're Christians, we have God's power in our lives, and so our ability to find "recovery" (or "victory" or whatever term you want to use) should be straightforward.

But often it's not.

People who are Christians, and still struggling with addictive behavior, often have hidden spiritual confusion and frustration. Why has their faith - and God's power in their lives - not helped to keep them out of trouble?

I've thought long and hard about this, and I want to offer a unique audio resource: "The spiritual Questions and Issues of Recovery." This program will explore these issues, and help bring  clarity to a confusing struggle for many people.

If you purchase "The Spiritual Questions and Challenges of Recovery," here's a sampling of what you will learn:

  • Why accountability partners don't work
  • The missing link for most Christians trying to overcome addictive sexual behavior
  • Why you don't feel "safe" talking about your struggles in your church or Bible study (you probably don't feel safe because you aren't safe!!) ... and what to do
  • Why Celebrate Recovery groups can be a bad solution for sexual strugglers
  • How to find the right support group
  • Why recovery presents a spiritual crisis for  Christians
  • What many Christians fail to understand about  healing and how it plays into their struggles with addiction
  • How to deal with it when the insights of secular authors/teachers are more "insightful" than those of Christians
  • Four reasons why churches are so unhelpful for people struggling with sexual issues
  • How to separate genuine faith from self-delusion in recovery
  • Why it's so hard for Christians to "trust the process" ... and what to do about it
  • How some churches make recovery harder, rather than easier for their members (and what to do about it)
  • How understanding Jesus' response to sexual sin changes everything -- and why most churches are missing this
  • Four strategies for churches to take to be more helpful to sexual strugglers

I am a big believer in audio resources. We spend hours each week driving in our cars, often listening to commercial-laden, unhelpful and downright depressing radio programs. Why not use that time to listen to materials that uplift and enlighten? Why not turn your car into a Rolling Recovery University?!!!

Here is what you will receive
when you purchase
"Spiritual Challenges and Issues in Recovery":

  • Three hours of teaching, recorded from live telephone seminars
  • Action Guides for each seminar, with space to write in notes
  • Contact information for groups / ministries geared towards recovery
  • Time-tested strategies for recovery and overcoming spiritual confusion and disillusionment
  • The opportunity to listen to the programs on your computer, or download them to either burn cd's or put on Ipod

Before we go any further, I have a question for you ...

How much is it worth to you

to have clarity about these

spiritual issues related to recovery?

This audio program costs $17.95

To put that in perspective:

  • If you and your spouse (or a friend) went to a movie, you would spend at least that much.
  • If you and your spouse (or a friend) when out to dinner at a restaraunt - assuming this place didn't have a drive-thru! - you would spend more than this.

This is an audio resource that will make a significant difference in your life, and you'll be able to listen to it again and again. I hope you think it's worth-while to invest at least this much in your recovery.

Maybe you're not sure the information you'll get on "The Spiritual Questions and Challenges of Recovery" will be that valuable. How can you be sure it will be worth the investment? Let's make this easy ...

I guarantee it

If you buy this, listen to it, and don't find that it was helpful for you, I will give you a full refund. I'm that certain about the importance and helpfulness of what you'll get in this program.

When you purchase
"The Spiritual Questions and Challenges of Recovery" you will be sent an email with the instructions to get your three audio recordings, along with instructions to download the written materials.


Mark Brouwer

I'm a teacher, counselor, and recovery coach in the field of sex addiction and recovery. I provide teaching to groups of all ages about how to move towards sexual sanity, as well as coaching for people who are struggling with compulsive sexual behavior.

Mark Brouwer picture

Having served for 15 years as a pastor and started two churches, I understand the spiritual issues and perspective that people bring to this issue. Since early 2006, I have worked with Faithful and True Ministries, coordinating and presenting at workshops and training seminars.

Having taught and coached hundreds of people about recovery from sexual addiction, I understand what moving towards sexual sanity involves.



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