Legal questions still not settled about cyberbullying

This isn’t about sexuality per se, but it’s sort of a related issue, and is big for teenagers, parents, and schools. I’m right now putting material together for a presentation for parents about helping their kids deal with sexual struggles, so I’m coming across lots of interesting stuff related to teenagers, sex, and the online world.

Wired magazine online has an interesting article about the legal issues surrounding cyber-bullying and the kinds of things kids post in social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace. When kids post hateful content online, what are the legal ramifications? The picture here is of a former Florida high school student who was suspended for cyberbullying her teacher (creating a Facebook group asking other students to express their feelings of hatred towards a this teacher). Yes, I agree: not very nice. She is now suing the school principal. It gets complicated, but it’s interesting.

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