Make a new start with “90 Days to Sexual Sanity”

We’re excited to announce a new program to help people break free from compulsive sexual behavior and live spiritually free, sexually healthy lives! “90 Days to Sexual Sanity” is a program that offers direction and help to start a process of recovery (or re-start one that is drifting). This program is for people who are struggling with sexual behavior – whether or not this struggle is at the level of an addiction – and want to make positive change. Here’s what the program involves:

Daily “90 Days Guide” sent via email each morning

Each day participants will receive an email each day that provides teaching, next step ideas, and a recovery meditation … all designed with help for the sexual struggler in mind.

(1) You’ll get teaching about an important aspect of personal recovery and sexual health.
(2) You’ll get a specific assignment – a tangible action step – that will help you move forward in your recovery. These action steps are designed to be accomplished in a few minutes’ time.
(3) You’ll get a meditation from one of the many excellent meditation books published by Hazelden. The meditation will be specifically selected and targeted for its relevance to recovery from sexual struggles.

The goal of these daily guides is to provide brief reminders about the “how” and “why” of recovery, and to help participants take some tangible action that moves them forward in recovery.

Weekly coaching and support call

Along with the “daily next step” guides, participants in the “90 Days to Sexual Sanity” program will receive a weekly coaching call, facilitated by Mark Brouwer, which will offer a combination of teaching, accountability, and coaching around issues that participants are facing in their recovery.

For those who will be making the call from an office environment – or other place where they are unable to talk freely – opportunities will be available to get a message to the callers via instant message, so you can check in or ask a question without being overheard by someone nearby.

Also note that the calls will be recorded, and if you aren’t able to participate personally on the call, you will have access to a recording of the call later.

Mark has personally coached over 400 men in programs very similar to this one … and now for the first time, he is offering teaching, guidance, and coaching in a format that combines focused activities at a daily level, as well as group coaching and support. Click here to read what people from previous programs are saying about Mark’s coaching.

Summary Overview

Here is a summary of what you will receive if you join the program:

  • daily teaching about recovery and sexual health
  • daily task to focus on that day (designed to be “do-able” in a few minutes)
  • daily meditation about recovery, and emotional/spiritual health
  • weekly telephone support, teaching and coaching, led by Mark Brouwer (via conference call)
  • recording of each weekly call available to participants

Other details

  • The program will start at the beginning of the month, with the first conference email being sent out that morning and the first conference call happening on the first Tuesday of the month.
  • As its title makes clear, this program lasts for 90 Days
  • Cost for the program is $150 per month, payable at the start of each month (or $425 for the full three months as a one-time fee)

Our iron-clad guarantee: We are so confident that you will be helped by this program, we will take out the risk factor … If you are not satisfied with this program for any reason, we will refund your money.

For more information, or to register for the program, please either contact Mark either by phone 952-746-3885, or email him: mark(at)markbrouwer(dot)com.

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