Failure is never final in recovery


If recovery demanded perfection, then we would all be failures.
Our goal is progress, not perfection.
It has to be this way, since none of us will ever be perfect.

It is said that the only time we fail in recovery
is when we do not try again.
When we stumble or slip in our sobriety
or in our emotional and spiritual life
(and the three are always interrelated),
the important thing is to pick ourselves up and keep going.

We may lose battles here and there,
but if we rely on our Higher Power,
we will win the war.

None of us is free from temptation.
Even when we abstain from compulsive behavior
we may indulge in self-pity, envy, or anger.
There is always the danger of pride and self-will.

Maybe it is through our failures that
we become humble enough to seek
and accept God’s help.
If we could manage by ourselves,
we would have no need for a Higher Power.
A failure is an opportunity to start again.

This is adapted from Food for Thought, by Elisabeth L.

2 thoughts on “Failure is never final in recovery”

  1. It really is true: as long as we are alive, we are able to take our recovery back … and take it to the next level. If there is one thing I have learned from working with hundreds of people in recovery it is this – nobody does recovery perfectly. Even people who maintain their sobriety and have “slip-free” recovery still have their challenges and failures. The important thing is to keep going.
    – Mark

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