New email and phone coaching program to start April 7

We’re getting ready to launch a new group of the “90 Days to Sexual Sanity” program. The new program will start on Tuesday, April 7, with an email being sent out that morning, and our first call that afternoon. Click here for more information about how the “90 Days to Sexual Sanity” program works.

The program offers daily teaching about recovery that includes a suggested task for the day … designed with the goal of deepening our understanding of addiction and recovery, as well as getting a daily reminder of our commitment to this new way of living. In addition, the program involves a weekly coaching call, which gives you an opportunity to talk about any issue related to your recovery, and get the insights and encouragement of a trained recovery coach (that’s me), and feedback from a group of peers.

For the program starting April 7, the weekly coaching calls will be held on Tuesday afternoons at 4pm, Central Standard Time.

Some people are hesitant to enroll in a program that involves phone coaching, because they have little experience with having meaningful conversation on the phone. Let me just say this: if you try it (phone coaching), and follow recommended guidelines to help you focus your attention, you will be very surprised at how effective it is. Check out this article about recent research on telephone counseling, or this quick run-down on doing work over the phone.

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