Recovery Journey Launches December 6

The Recovery Journey is a new support program for sexual strugglers and their spouses/partners. It builds on the program I developed as a follow up to Men’s Workshops with Faithful and True Ministries (that program was called “90 Days to Sexual Sanity”).

The Recovery Journey offers:

  • more teaching resources (weekly teaching videos, also available in audio format)
  • more ways for participants to network and support one another (through a members-only forum website)
  • separate modules for newcomers to recovery, workshop or treatment alumni, and spouses
  • two large-group live calls per month (will also be recorded so people can listen that way)
  • ability for couples to go through the program together, so spouses can get the help and support they need as well as the sexual strugglers / addicts
  • the teaching and daily guide materials go for a sequence of 180 days instead of 90, like the old program did
  • for less than a third of the cost of the “90 Days to Sexual Sanity” program!

* The way this pricing works is that additional small-group coaching calls are available as a separate add-on. But even with the small group coaching add-on, The Recovery Journey is still cheaper than the 90 Days to Sexual Sanity program.

You might ask, “Why are you doing this? Why mess with the success of the 90 Days to Sexual Sanity Program?”

We are making this change because we want to reach a broader audience. We are hoping that people will participate in this program who would never have considered the 90 Days program. We are hoping that the new module for “non-workshop-alumni” will be a great option for people you (our awesome readers) know who could use more support in dealing with this struggle. We are hoping that the new module for spouses will also open up a new audience for our message.

The bottom line is that the old program (90 Days to Sexual Sanity) was built around a weekly telephone conference call. If the call didn’t fit with your schedule – or you didn’t “click” with telephone coaching – the program wouldn’t work for you.

Now we’re offering a wider variety of support structures, with the phone coaching being a smaller part of the picture, which we hope will make this a viable option for a larger group of people. For those who want the more personal connection that ongoing coaching provides, we’re making that available too as a separate option.

The survey we recently did – and my own observation and experience – has shown that one of the greatest benefits the programs I’ve offered in the past has been the Daily Guides — daily teaching and tasks that people can do to build their recovery by “doing a little bit every day.” That is the cornerstone of a solid recovery program, and it works in conjunction with participation in a face to face recovery group. The Recovery Journey program provides materials for a full six months for people who want to do this.

For all these resources, the program costs $49 per month. If a couple joins, the spouse can participate for half that ($75 for the couple). This is half of the price of a single session of therapy … or the rough equivalent of what you might pay for dinner and a movie on a date night.

What’s not to like?   🙂

Registration opens December 6, and will close on December 11. Check the website for more information:

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