Guy proposes through Facebook Status

I suppose it was inevitable. If anyone doubts we are living in a new era, where new forms of technology are changing the shape of even our intimate lives, deal with this: on December 27, some guy proposed to his girlfriend, via an update status on Facebook, dispatched from his mobile phone. Their identities were withheld in the stories I’ve read about this.

Spoiler alert: she said yes, also from her mobile phone. Here is a copy of the exchange:

As one writer put it, “It’s not so much the Facebook proposal that strikes me, but that both used mobile phones to access the social network, as if the proposal and the reply had been done in haste, or while walking down the street or on the bus. But perhaps that’s just me. Still, it’s better to find out through Facebook that someone wants to marry you rather than divorce you.”

There are stories all the time about couples making connections on Facebook, which includes extra-marital connections. So Facebook – like any technology or form of communication – both brings people together and pulls them apart. In August, for example, one spouse found out about her husband’s second marriage via Facebook photos.

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