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Do we “believe in” porn addiction?

An anonymous author on the (very good) Mothers Against Pornography Addiction blog recently posted a bit of a rant about her frustration with the ongoing question of whether porn addiction is “real.” In the past 10 years, she points out, awareness has grown about this issue, but there still is an undercurrent of resistance to “believing in” porn addiction.

The awareness has expanded and information is more readily available. There are entire online programs geared toward the recovery of addicts, websites dedicated to information about the addiction, postings online by well educated psychologists that validate the reality of pornography addiction, counselors now specialize in sex and porn addiction recovery.

And yet still most information is written from the point of view to convince readers that this is real. I have to wonder if while porn addiction is obviously exploding all over our world why it is that convincing people it exists is still necessary.”

You have to read the post … she has great insights and a genuine passion that doesn’t come through in the brief excerpts I have included here. Of special interest is Continue reading Do we “believe in” porn addiction?