Eight Keys to Lasting Recovery — audio resource

keystorecoveryThe Core Issues That MUST Be Worked Through in Order to Find Lasting Recovery

Recovery is not complicated, but it is complex. Beware of people who offer simplistic, one-dimensional solutions. To find lasting recovery, we need to deal with a variety of issues, and the help provided by counselors, recovery groups, and spiritual leaders will often focus on one or two areas, but not the others.
If it was simple, you’d already be recovered! This audio course will teach you the eight important keys for lasting recovery from sexual addiction in its various forms.
Eight Keys to Lasting Recovery is a perfect compliment to work with counselors, spiritual leaders, and also 12 step groups and other church-based programs. It offers a unique blend of psychology, spirituality, and 12 step recovery wisdom. It provides a great overview and important insights for pastors, counselors, and sponsors who want to help others in recovery.
Eight Keys to Lasting Recovery is steeped in 12 step recovery wisdom, spiritual teaching from a Christian perspective, and the insights of working for five years with Christian psychologist Dr. Mark Laaser, leading workshops on sexual addiction, and leading an aftercare program for workshop attendees. It is based on positive results with hundreds of people who found recovery from sexual struggles and addiction.

What you’ll receive:

You’ll receive a total of 13 audio files that you can listen to on your computer, or download and listen on the go. You’ll also receive a handout overview, and place to take notes.

What you’ll learn:

The content is built around the Eight Keys to Lasting Recovery. Among other things, in this program you’ll learn:
  • Why many helping professionals and 12 step sponsors can help with your recovery, but can also unwittingly create confusion and keep people stuck.
  • How to create a plan for recovery
  • What it means — and why it matters — that recovery is about action, not knowledge or belief.
  • Why it is that so many people with strong religious convictions struggle with recovery.
  • Why we need to think about sex and sexual struggles differently.
  • How to respond to people who say: “Doesn’t God give people victory over our problems? How come people who do recovery keep working it at over long periods of time?”
  • How others can help and hinder your recovery, and steps to take to get the support you need.
  • How to navigate the tricky balance between recovery from sexual addiction and reconciliation with your partner. Keep in mind that you can have one without the other!
  • The two key ingredients about recovery that most people miss, which is why long term recovery is often elusive (keys 5 and 7).



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