Presentations Mark is available to give

Mark Brouwer is a trainer and practitioner in the field of sex addiction and recovery. He is available to speak at your event on the following topics:

    * Facing the Truth about Sexual Struggles – An overview of sexual challenges people are facing today – especially around compulsive sexual behavior – including analysis of the problem in the church and society.

    * How to live with sexual sanity in an insane world – The principles for finding and maintaining sexual health, whether single or married.

    * Protecting your family from the dangers of a sexually over-charged world – A presentation for parents or women’s groups oriented towards helping their kids navigate the temptations around sex and pornography. The focus will not simply be on warning of online dangers, but on the underlying issues that make kids vulnerable to inappropriate sexual behavior.

    * What to do if someone you know is having a problem – This is a message for parents, partners, and friends of people who are struggling with sexual compulsion. Many people don’t know what to look for, and aren’t sure whether they can trust their instincts that something is wrong … and even if they are sure, they don’t know how to help. This presentation gives practical help.

    * Sexual Sanity for the Single Person (also titled: “Sexual purity for Singles / Teens”) – This is a seminar for young people who are struggling to deal with their sex drives, the confused messages from our culture, and their Christian values around sexual purity.

    * A Pastor’s Struggle with Pornography – Mark’s own story, with lessons and application not only for leaders, but anyone who struggles with sexual purity.

    * The current epidemic of sex addiction and how the church is making it worse – A message not only for church leaders, but also general audiences about the distorted messages we carry that make us susceptible to sexual sin.

    * How We Can Help Sexually Struggling People – A presentation for clinicians and church leaders about how recovery works, including suggested treatment models, strategies for churches who want to minister in this area, and policy issues for churches to keep in mind.

    * Fighting – and winning – men’s secret wars – This is a seminar or retreat that is designed to help men face the key areas of life (especially around sexual struggles) without the shame and potential attendance-killing issue of having sex being the main theme. The retreat can be done in three or four sessions … 1: The battle with isolation (choosing community) 2. The battle with resentment (choosing compassion) 3. The battle with lust (choosing love) 4. The battle with stress (choosing serenity).

For more information, contact Mark directly by phone (952-746-3885) or email.

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