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Welcome to this website! Sexual Sanity is focused on helping people overcome struggles with sexual temptations and compulsions. To get the most out of your experience here on the site, I recommend the following:


1. Read this article: Six signs of sexual insanity

This article is essentially my (brief) manifesto. I created sexualsanity.com to help people deal with what I consider to be two opposing sides of sexual insanity:
(1) our sex-crazed, pornified popular culture
(2) the naive “pray harder and just say no” messages we hear in church and from too many purity gurus


As I say in the article: “The goal is not to live free from our sexual urges, and thus feel guilty when we experience them. The goal is to be healthy enough emotionally, relationally, and spiritually that we can choose not to dwell – or act – on them.”


2. Sign up to get my free 70 page ebook: “Reclaiming Sexual Sanity”

This book gives an overview of sexual struggles, and helps you discern where you are on the spectrum of sexual struggles (from healthy sexuality, to hyper sexual, to sexually addicted). Then it offers an overview of how recovery happens, which I call the “Back to the future” model of recovery. Sign up using the form below:



3. Start your reading on this site with some of the following articles


For Spouses and Friends of Sexual Strugglers:

4. For more information and help, check out The Recovery Journey

The Recovery Journey is home study recovery coaching program I created and run with my wife Charlene. It is a great program to use in conjunction with therapy and/or some kind of recovery group program. It contains teaching and encouragement about recovery, as well as a series of small recovery action steps, lasting for 90 Days. There is also a companion program for partners of sexual strugglers. These links are to a website that has a long letter describing the programs:

http://recoveryjourney.com – for sexual strugglers

http://recoveryjourney.com/partner.html – for partners of sexual strugglers

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